Jessica (omg_itz_jesss) wrote in i_heart_jmac,

August 27th : Don't miss out!

Just relaying a message that I thought all of you might be interested in. I'm gonna be there that day! So def check it out :)

Aug 27 2005 Boston, MA

Hey There If You Like Jesse Then You Must Check Out These Cool Chicks From Down Under "The Veronicas"... They Even Have A MySpace... Check Them Out You Won't Be Disappointed...

The girls are opening for Jesse McCartney on this day, and the Secret Life Street Team is going to have a special VIP performance beforehand just for you.

Here's what's going on with the Private Shows. While the Veronicas are on a mini promo tour, we thought it would be fun to let the fans crash in on it too! So if we can get enough people in the following cities on the following dates we'll be able to make sure you guys get special, intimate, private performances by the Veronicas!

The only way to get in on this is to E-MAIL.

the secret life of the veronicas street team:
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