Lauren ♥ (outside_hitter_) wrote in i_heart_jmac,
Lauren ♥

wow did you see how AMAZING summerland was !?!?!?! omgg <3
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AHHH!!! OMG YESSS!!!!! ACK OMG i couldn't believe the episode first started off with a car crash!!!!! i was FREAKING OUT when everybody was in the church wearing all black! i was frantically thinking 'OMG WHO DIED???' and for a reallllly short but shocking moment i was afraid it was derrick cuz he wasn't sitting next to bradin and nikki!!!!!

i DEMAND ava and johnny to get back together!!!!! AAAAHHHHH. their separation is KILLING ME.
there seperation is MURDERING ME! i can't stand it. they NEED each other now before the season is over *bites nails*

i thought it was johnny who died i was so pissed i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol.. but then i found out it was mona and i was like "hm. now ava and johnny can get back together..." but NO they have to not kiss YET! lol i was spazzing!!!!!! lmfao
LOL. OMGGG SAME HERE!!!!! Mona was really attached to Johnny and it must be fate that she died so that Johnny can be with Ava again!!!

NEW EPISODE TONIGHT~!~!~! *screams with joy*
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