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IS THIS TRUE?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

I got this email from one of the Yahoo Jesse McCartney Lovers groups I'm in:

Heart-Breaking News!
Jesse McCartney lovers, get those tissue boxes out! The WB just
announced its new schedule and sadly, 'Summerland' will not be
returning. Yup, the show has been canceled. There is one sliver of hope
though -- and you can help! Starting June 7 at 9PM, the last of the new
episodes will air. Make sure you get all your friends to watch to boost
those ratings. Also take part in the Save Summerland letter-writing
campaign and tell WB how much you love the show!!!!
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yeah that really sucks, everyone in my groups is all debating about it and we are trying to save it by going to this website and voting to keep summerland, if you want you can come check out my group its

I almost cried when I read that Saturday... Well, it wasn't that dramatic but I was pissed off
i can't believe it! thats crazy its like the best show everr!

aww im so sad